Quick iPhone Tip: Lost contacts and how to recover them

I am sure most of you reading this have the latest version of the iPhone and not the 4s like I do, but regardless this same tip should still apply to you if you find yourself in a similar situation I found myself in today.

As a professional, design related or not, our contacts are our livelihood. The more one networks the more successful they become. So when you open your phone to find your contact list totally blank, its quite hard not to panic. Years and years of building, networking and attending events flashes before your eyes and you question the last time you backed up.

Now being a designer, I have that habit of saving and backing up forever ingrained in my head, but I still questioned if the newest contacts I had just added were in there, because, lets face it, the newer contacts are probably the contacts you need the most at this point in time anyway. Point is, if you dont have icloud or at least back up your phone using your itunes…start doing it every night.

In my case today when I saw my empty phone I frantically started searching how to recover them since I would not have access to my computer that housed my backed up phone. Luckily, much to my delight, its much more simple!!

Go under settings / Mail, Contacts, Calendars and select your iCloud Account. Turn off your contacts so you get the message “Turning off contacts.” Count to ten (which also helped calm down my panicked breathing) then turn back on and VOILA! Contacts are restored!