Ever feel like code is laughing at you??

Well, I am in the process of coding a pretty decent sized website (at least for my skills) and ran into a pretty large hurdle. I know for most programmers and coders out there it may seem more like a small bump…maybe not even a problem at all…but I was determined to figure it out!

I feel like when I cant figure it out, or am struggling with a code problem…its taunting me. Like its saying “You cant figure it out” in that kindergarten nagging voice degrading me and my confidence. So that only makes me more determined and I find myself chanting to myself literally, “I will figure this out” over and over again.

Well turns out, I did figure it out thanks to the help from stackoverflow.com!! I always want to do a little happy dance for winning, what feels like, an all out and out battle. Well just in case anyone needs the same solution here was my dilemma and answer…and oddly enough seems really simple and still makes me feel kinda inadequate:

–How can I make the numbered links to my jquery slide show become a color when selected, stay that color until a new link is selected, and then revert to the original color when the new link is selected??

My code:

<a href=”#” onclick=”$(‘.slideshow’).blinds_change(1); return false”>1</a>
<a href=”#” onclick=”$(‘.slideshow’).blinds_change(2); return false”>2</a>
<a href=”#”  onclick=”$(‘.slideshow’).blinds_change(3); return false”>3</a>
<a href=”#”  onclick=”$(‘.slideshow’).blinds_change(4); return false”>4</a>
<a href=”#” onclick=”$(‘.slideshow’).blinds_change(5); return false”>5</a>
<a href=”#” onclick=”$(‘.slideshow’).blinds_change(6); return false”>6</a>
<a href=”cabrini_casestudy2.html” >     &#187; </a>

a{ color: #666335;}
a.clicked{color: #D85D27;}

<script type=”text/javascript”>
        $(window).load(function () {

ANSWER: Swap out the javascript starting at $(document)…and replace it with the script below! Simple right??


Design salaries for 2012!!!

Design Salaries
Find design jobs and careers at HOW Design.

With 2012 rapidly flying by (Is it just me or is time moving faster as I age?), more and more information on 2012 design salaries continue to leak out. And I must say, so far I am liking what I am seeing! It seems our worth is on the rise according to my cross referencing. Lets all keep up the hard work and once in a while (but not too often!) give ourselves a pat on the back and reward our hard work!

Time to bite the bullet and learn jquery (or at least try)

So its time to bite the bullet and get my website back up and running! Now with many of my major deadlines met, I should be able to find (or at least make!) the time to put the finishing touches on it and get rid of my “coming soon” page.

So with that said, I haven’t done any coding in quite some time and have been trying to brush the dust off and reintroduce certain things like word press, java script, and j query…you know all those daunting, ever changing languages that look so scary and out of my realm. But I am please to announce it has actually been quite fun and intriguing.

My tip of the day for Javascript or jquery slide shows (and it took me hours to figure this out on my own…but i did it!): To prevent your page from jumping back to the top of your page when clicking on a button/number/next button for the slide show use “return false;” after your on click command. See below example from your HTML–not in the jquery code like i was digging for for about 40 minutes before I realized this:

<a href=”#” onclick=”$(‘.slideshow’).blinds_change(1); return false”>1</a>

What in the world?…Olympics 2012

So with the Olympics being a hot topic right now, I thought I would share the logo…and I have to apologize for spreading it around more than it has to be. I am not sure what bothers me more: “London” being a mere after thought, or the odd array of shapes that can be misconstrued and lead any viewer to get the wrong idea. It completely misses the mark on representing the spirit of the olympics…I guess I can reach and say I can see where they were going with this idea, but they failed to push it and make it the sophisticated and inspiring icon it should be.

Lets hope the games are more riveting than this.



I know it has been a while since my last post, but today is the first day of May! It is that time of year when its really starting to feel like summer, graduations begin piling up and you just get that restless summer fever.

Now with some of my more major projects’ deadlines met and delivered, I can focus on the creative process and time that we all love and cherish. Especially since I do not always get the luxury of having the time to go through my creative process when things are chaotic!

I know I always start off with research and inspirational visuals to get me started…then i move to sketches, note taking and scribbling…Think about what it is that really gets your creative juices flowing and get started!