So you thought that was rough…

Ok, I dont mean to come across all high and mighty by any means, but I have just met a ridiculously huge deadline and am feeling mighty proud of myself. The past 2 and 1/2 months have been non stop working on this massive project!! (I’d love to reveal the project but that will come with the big unveiling in may!)

So, I can not be more excited that the paper show is tomorrow to help me celebrate a little, capitalize on my confidence and mingle with other designers and printers in the area. Hopefully I will see you all there!!

Paper samples and free drinks oh my!

Every designer loves paper samples and free goodies…but more importantly the paper samples. Non designers will never understand our fascination with paper samples, but there really is something about them that sparks a flurry of creative ideas and all the wonderful possibilities you can do with them!

If you havent already bought tickets, do so asap! This is also a great way to stay up to date on whats going on and network 🙂


Totally not design related but…

Its been such a hot topic of conversation, I can not help myself! The hunger games movie is releasing this week in exactly 3 hours and 15 minutes! For anyone who hasnt read the books, you must go buy yourself a copy of all 3 ASAP! I say buy because they are the kind of books you will want to reread and revisit over and over again. Plus, they are wait listed at the library for months. Get excited!!!

Spring is in the air!

So with the warm weather giving us spring fever, its awfully hard to stay stuck inside behind a computer screen all day feverishly trying to meet deadlines. But the sunny skies and this change of season brings on a want for change and spring cleaning…which as a designer means new sources of inspiration!

I found this great article on places to find inspiration online, and more importantly, offline : 43 places to get design inspiration online and off

Even though most of us will be holed up in our offices until 5 (or maybe even later), take advantage of the daylight lasting longer and put the sources of inspiration listed in the article to good use!

I graduated…now what?

Really loved this article so if you have a minute, check it out : What design school didn’t teach me

it gives great advice that really does work for those job hunting in this field. Being out of school now for about 10 months now, I have realized there is a huge gap between what you learn in school and what really goes on in the real world and following these steps will help close that gap. And, not to mention, give you a leg up in this really tough job market!

Happy reading 🙂

Two posts in one day say what!?

Ok ok I know…two posts in one day is a bit nuts! But I am little bit excited about finally getting this all together and up and running. If only I could move a bit faster on the rest of my site :/

Please bear with me while I continue to make changes to the design and layout. I know that can be really annoying, but I promise I will try to do it as quickly as possible! It is going to be tough with my work schedule (I swear I am not complaining, I am truly grateful for my job each and every day!)

Oh and please please do not hesitate to comment and let me know you are reading and what you think! Good night xoxox

Hello world!

Good morning everyone! This is my first official post to my website using wordpress. I am so excited to finally have a blog and hopefully can share information and thoughts that aren’t completely boring or unnoticed.

So without further delay, my name is Kaitlyn Julio. My maiden name is Dziewanowski which is why you see that name all over my site. I am very proud of that disastrously long name because it has character and usually starts up a conversation with everyone that comes across it. I have always had a passion for design and fine arts that I have had the good fortune of being able to make a living off of. I still have a lot to learn and, in this field, know it will be a never ending learning process.

Hope to see you all around! Happy Tuesday…make it count 🙂