Web design and logo inspiration…even some other cool resources!


I just got done browsing through the above site and just had to share! It provides awesome web design inspiration as well as logo design inspiration…and not only does it give you a thumbnail but a direct link so you can test and see the live site in action.

Not to mention there are freebies (which i pulled some icons from!!) and resources to find web designers, purchase a template and, my personal favorite, a side by side comparison of sites with CMS support and builders (That is here: http://coolhomepages.com/Best-CMS-Website-Builders.html)

Hope you can find it as helpful as I did! I am definitely bookmarking this into my favorites.



logo resource part2 – sports edition

Continuing on my last post, I had a colleague recommend a great site for referencing all sports logos under the sun. This site has everything from Major league to college sports logos, to minor league and teams you never knew existed.

Here is the link: SportsLogos.net

Montgomery Biscuits Logo - A cartoon biscuit next to a gold M with a navy outlineMy personal favorite; the Montgomery biscuits…it just puts a smile on my face. Nothing says Sports like a buttermilk biscuit with a butter tongue!!