Buried in freelance and excited!

I have been up to my eyeballs developing two new websites, producing print projects and creating logos for various clients. It has been quite a lot, but I recently completed a few of them and not only am I really excited about them, that also means I have room to take on new clients.

I am currently doing custom development on the website snapshot below which I cant wait to unveil!


Design agreements

So for me, it’s that time of year to update and re-evaluate my design agreement and project proposal. With lots of new clients, its time to dust off my design agreement and proposal I have been using the last year and make sure it is the most up to date. Not only does it protect me, but my clients.

AIGA is the most straightforward site to access what is the latest in the design industry. They have a lovely comprehensive write up about all things we designers need to know: http://www.aiga.org/standard-agreement/

If only spring cleaning were as easy!…Can’t wait to share some of the latest projects I have been working on. Stay tuned for updates!

Quick iPhone Tip: Lost contacts and how to recover them

I am sure most of you reading this have the latest version of the iPhone and not the 4s like I do, but regardless this same tip should still apply to you if you find yourself in a similar situation I found myself in today.

As a professional, design related or not, our contacts are our livelihood. The more one networks the more successful they become. So when you open your phone to find your contact list totally blank, its quite hard not to panic. Years and years of building, networking and attending events flashes before your eyes and you question the last time you backed up.

Now being a designer, I have that habit of saving and backing up forever ingrained in my head, but I still questioned if the newest contacts I had just added were in there, because, lets face it, the newer contacts are probably the contacts you need the most at this point in time anyway. Point is, if you dont have icloud or at least back up your phone using your itunes…start doing it every night.

In my case today when I saw my empty phone I frantically started searching how to recover them since I would not have access to my computer that housed my backed up phone. Luckily, much to my delight, its much more simple!!

Go under settings / Mail, Contacts, Calendars and select your iCloud Account. Turn off your contacts so you get the message “Turning off contacts.” Count to ten (which also helped calm down my panicked breathing) then turn back on and VOILA! Contacts are restored!

Event logo design and collateral for Wine and Ride

Summer is officially here and with that, fun, local events also start cropping up everywhere! My work with Svequine.com and the non-profit,Graham Equestrian Center, has brought me some another project I was thrilled to sink my teeth into: Wine and Ride!

This event is a fundraiser for the non-profit geared towards adults 21 years of age and older. Whether you horseback ride or not, the event is all about mingling at this awesome facility right on the Gunpowder State Park. Just as the event name says, tickets holders will enjoy delectable wine and a short riding horseback riding lesson (preferably riding first!) while listening to live bluegrass music, tasting finger foods and bidding on silent auction items. The location is convenient to those in Baltimore City but also centralized so those in Baltimore, Harford, Howard and Carol County can also swing by.

I designed the logo to marry the horseback riding and wine theme of the event while using the tag line “Its always time to wine and ride” for apparel or other items available for purchase at the event.

The event takes place July 17th! If interested in attending, visit: http://svequine.com/events/event/wine-and-ride/




More websites…and Equestrian related sites at that! Svequine.com

As my profile indicates, I am an equine enthusiast. When I am not working I am usually riding or teaching lessons in my spare time. I absolutely love when I am able to combine both passions!


This site I developed to promote riding instruction (yes I am featured!) at a Graham Equestrian Center. I created the logo, content and continue to assist and drive marketing campaigns. This site also is in WordPress enabling editing on the go quickly and conveniently. Once again it utilizes and existing theme that is tweaked for the needs of this particular site to also include additional plugins and features such as blasting posts to connected social media as well.

The website recently was featured in the themes website too!!: http://www.wpbyexample.com/detail/svequine.com